Solar panels for your business/commercial buildings..

For our commercial segment, as for now we only offer grid-tied solar PV Systems due to their large system sizes. Due to high electricity rates and different rates based on time of the day, solar PV system is the most viable option for business, commercial and industrial buildings to reduce their energy costs. With grid-tied PV system and net metering, businesses can generate and use the electricity during the day when their energy demands are highest and can use electricity from the grid during the night when energy demands are low and rates cheaper. Also, due to long life of solar systems (more than 25years), business can recover their PV system costs within first 5 years of system installation and can thus meet their energy demands free of cost for rest of the period. Sarvodaya solar also offers monitoring equipment’s, software’s and maintenance services to the industries so that businesses can keep track of their exact energy savings.

Get Solar PV system for your business with these easy steps:

  1. 1.Get a free customized quote based on your requirements.
  2. 2.Site audit.
  3. 3.Solar System design and engineering.
  4. 4.Permitting, Documentation and installation planning.
  5. 5.Installation.
  6. 6.Inspection and utility interconnection.
  7. 7.Monitoring and Maintenance.